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Bioavailability describes the efficiency with which a substance can be absorbed and utilized by your body. Certain dietary supplements are modified by unnecessary additives in such a way that they can only be utilized by the body through complicated metabolic processes. Since we at Steiger Naturals do not use unnecessary additives, our products have an extremely high bioavailability.

For the sake of the environment, we avoid unnecessary outer packaging and leaflets. All important information about ingredients and dosage can be found on the labels of our products and in our shop at any time.

Our products are dietary supplements that are declared on their packaging with the applicable best-before date. Please note that, according to consumer advice centers, a dietary supplement does not immediately spoil after the best-before date has expired. Depending on the ingredients and storage, use is possible for several months after the best-before date has expired.

As long as your order is still being processed in the shipping department, changes are possible at any time. Please write a message with your change request to There you will receive information about the current processing status of your order.

Yes! Most products in our shop have a PZN number. You can provide the respective PZN number of our products in your pharmacy in order to process the purchase through your pharmacy. Hyaluron 1,000 INTENSE tablets PZN: 16505038 Hyaluronic acid capsules PZN: 15573440 Collagen peptides PZN: 17422509

After shipping, you will receive a tracking number from us with which you can track the shipment status of your order with the respective transport service. Should you still need help, we will be happy to assist you. Please send us a message to

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